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Sacrosys Software Development Training

Sacrosys Software Development Training provides with the key knowledge and skills that they need to perform their job


The Benefits of the program is


    • Become an Experienced Professional and secure your job with us or in next interview


  • Become an Experienced Professional and secure your job with us or in next interview


  • You will get experience Certificate


  • 100% placement assistance


  • Guidance with highly professional engineer


  • Learn working environment and company discipline


  • Learn team work best practices


  • Work on real / live international projects


  • Exposure to Real time environment


  • Learn best and proven practices


  • Become a certified professional


  • Improve leadership qualities


  • Learn different approaches and tactics to develop projects


  • Increase your confidence level


  • Improve your communication skills



The Technologies Covered in the training
1. Microsoft C#, .NET & ASP . NET

C#.Net, ASP.Net, Ajax, Basics of JQuery
n tier architecture
Creating Presentation Layer
Creating Business Logic Layer
Creating Data Access Layer
Web Services
Working with dependent combos and data grids
list view
user controls and custom controls
XML interfaces
Serial port handling
Exception handling
Event handling
XML Objects
Delegates and events
I/O operation handling
Data Encryption & Decryption
.Net Remoting
Advanced Concepts

2. Microsoft SQL Server
a. Introduction about RDBMS
b. Database design and performance tuning
c. Normalization
d. Cursers
e. Plan, create, and optimize indexes
f. Stored procedures
g. Triggers
h. Data Importing & Exporting
i. Views
j. Functions
k. Manage transactions and locks
l. Implement data integrity using constraints
m. Pre – defined Constraints and maintaining relationships among the tables
n. Use XML-related features

3. Crystal Reports
a. Navigating the Design Environment
b. Selecting and Organizing Report Data
c. Manipulating Report Data in Meaningful Ways
d. Letting Formulas and Functions Do All the Work
e. Creating Dynamic Reports with Parameters
f. Formatting Reports that Function and Sizzle
g. Making Reports Sections
h. Visualizing Report Data with Charts and Maps
i. Sub reports
j. Cross tabs
k. Formula fields and parameter fields
l. Graphs & Charts
m. Filtering Data
n. Excel Export

Upon joining this program, you will be first given Brush-up sessions in C#.Net,, Backend SQL Server & Crystal Reports. During these sessions we will prepare you for real time work environment. After completion of the brush up sessions we will be giving the project assignment or modules for live project. You will be initially developing few components of the module assigned and later you have to understand the client requirement and convert it into the desired/required business logic. You also learn how to integrate and deploy the project. This is how you learn the complete life cycle of the software development.

1. Explanation on how a project is executed in an organization
2. Requirement explanation
3. Explanation on SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) in project life cycle.
4. Implementation of basic database operations with inline SQL Statements.
5. Converting inline SQL statements to stored procedure and explanation on how to use OOPs while developing any application.
6. Implementation of a complete page with OOPs, Validation and all data base operations to get familiarity in doing SQL operations with dot net code with corporate standards.
7. Explanation on project architecture.
8. Creating 3-tier architecture.
9. Creating a master page and implementation look and feel for the application.
10. Implementation of application (Complete project implementation based on project requirement document).
11. Testing of application